Forage Blowers

Avoid making silo filling the bottleneck of your harvesting chain with a Dion blower.


860 and 860 H.O. blowers are designed with unmatched capacity adapted to a large range of tractor power. The oversize intake and auger feed a rotor capable of filling silos as high as 150ft.


An onsite demonstration will have you convinced!

860 Model

Base model with impressive features. For 540rpm PTO.

860 H.O. Model

The highest capacity on the market

The reducer gearbox on the 860 H.O. lowers the input speed from 1000 rpm at the PTO to 650 rpm at the rotor.  With an ejection/blower speed of 118mph (189 km/h) and an 8 paddle rotor, it is the blower displacing the largest volume per hour on the market.