Products exclusive to John Deere dealers

Dion-Ag is an allied supplier for John Deere.

A selection of Dion products with distinctive colors is available exclusively from your John Deere dealer. Ask your dealer about the availability in your region.

Harvester 2430

Performance of a Dion harvester, with the straight through design, incorporating a Duradrum™ cutterhead.

Windrow pick-up F71

2,75m (9’)

An efficient and complete harvest is achieved thanks to a 5 finger bar reel and consistent high capacity feed auger.

Windrow pick-up F46

2.15m (7’)

Rotary Corn Header F61

3.05m/ 120in

The only 4-row (10ft) corn head for pull-type forage harvesters on the market, the F61 header is in a class of its own.

Rotary Corn Header F64

2.25m/ 90in

With a width equivalent to 3 rows (30in), the F64 rotary head adapts to all conditions and harvester configurations.