Rotary Corn Heads

Simple, versatile & productive

Using a proven concept, Dion rotary corn headers are the reference for corn silage harvesting. Harvest without worrying about row width or following the rows.


Their unique design combines the versatility and efficiency of rotary drums with the consistency and uniform flow of gathering chains. The exceptional uniformity of feeding allows for higher harvester throughputs with the same tractor power.


The drive mechanism is surprisingly simple, with very few parts and low maintenance requirements. Through a single main shaft, protected from overload by a friction clutch, the oil bath gearboxes transfer the power efficiently and give you peace of mind during the harvest.


Designed under a rigorous development program, the patented concept combines the performance of rotary heads, with the economy of conventional headers.


2,25m (3 rows of 30in )


3m (4 rows of 30in )