Rotary Corn Header 


«The Universal Fit»

With a width equivalent to 3 rows (30in), the F64 rotary head adapts to all conditions and harvester configurations.


Ideal Cut


The rotary blades are driven by v-belts and turn the opposite direction of the drums. This design eliminates vibrations. The four blade sections, per disk, are made or harden spring steel with tungsten carbide tips offering self-sharpening effect, making them exceptionally durable. Replacing a section is done in just a few minutes at an affordable cost. Through the impact cut, the stalks are also shattered to facilitate their decomposition and reduce tire damage.

Unmatched Simplicity


The F64 head is surprisingly simple. The drive system contains few parts and requires low power to operate. Only two chains drive the two gathering drums to transport the crop to the harvester. The Dion exclusive O-ring chain design requires low maintenance. The use of sealed bearings reduces daily greasing. The overloads and starting loads are absorbed by a friction clutch to operate smoothly and eliminate the need for shearbolts.

Higher Silage Quality


By maintaining the crop in the gathering chains, with continuous flow to the harvester feedrolls, without using a transverse auger, the stalks are fed base first and aligned perpendicular to the feedrolls. This provides a uniform length of cut without unwanted long particles that affect storage compaction and silage fermentation quality.

Boost your harvester performance!


A uniform flow, full width harvest unaffected by row alignment, increases your harvester performance.  It provides more throughput per hp, less driver fatigue and more acres per day, all increasing productivity and profitability.


Dion rotary heads feature a universal frame and offer drive kits adapted to most pull-type harvesters on the market.  See the option tab for more details.