Rotary Corn Head *Patented Concepts

The only rotary corn head for
pull-type forage harvester on the market

3 m wide (10’)
4 rows of 30”

For tractors from 130 to 300 hp

Rotary corn head

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4 rows for
pull-type forage harvester

For Forage Harvester:

Dion®: 1224XC and F41
Hesston®: 7500
New Idea®: 1500
New Holland®: FP230 and FP240
Gehl®: 1275 and 1285
JF®: 1355



Rotary corn head cutting corn

Simple & Tough

A driving mechanism simpler than ever... less moving parts, less trouble! Through a friction-clutch protected main shaft and oil-bath gearboxes th power is efficiently transferred, and give you the peace of mind you are looking for during the harvest. Service and greasing points are regrouped in two locations and readily accessible. Triple belts mechanism drives the cutting blade offering a smooth start and shock free operation.

A four row corn head but only 2 gathering chains! The heavy duty ANSI #80 chain with 0-rings is pratically maintenance free. The exclusive chain design transports the crop with unprecedented fluidity and efficiency.

Dion rotary corn head blade  

The Best of Both Worlds

The F61 corn head design is optimized for maximum capacity, minimum power requirement, best durability and a low cost. The exceptional constant feeding to the harvester let’s you reach higher throughputs with the same tractor.

Designed based on a thorough development program, the patented concept unites the performance of rotary headers and the economy of conventional header. No other pull-type or self-propelled harvester system offers you so much for your money.

rotary corn head rolls  

A Perfect Cut

Each blade is composed of 6 knives sections made of heat treated spring steel with tungsten carbide coated tips unbeatably durable and totally worry free! The unique teeth shape cuts at any speeds and leaves a shattered stubble for better decomposition. And in the rare case a section needs replacement, a couple minutes are all it takes!
rotary corn head knife
Rotary corn head enginered with efficiency in mind

Watch in Action at:


F61 Rotary Corn Head
F61 - on Gehl Forage Harvester

F61 - on New Holland Forage Harvester

When More... Means...

• More size (3 m (10’) or 4 rows of 30”) means less compaction and fresh tracks at every passage.
• More capacity (up to 100 t/hr!) means a harvest done at the right time and better silage quality.
• More efficiency means you harvest faster with the same tractor and less fuel.
• More versatility means harvesting in any direction and row spacing, with less constraints and operator fatigue.
• More durability through a simple and heavy duty construction means less maintenance and lower operating costs.